All we wanna do is eat your brains

we're not unreasonable... I mean no one's gonna eat your eyes...

20 May 1979
Married to Kyla, Handfasted July 12, 2003.

I'm through with toxic people. If you are on my friends list and become toxic, you will be removed immediately. I no longer have the energy to argue.

I don't really write on LJ anymore, but I keep this journal for some communities I frequent and friends only entries my friends may make.

I'm a fanfic writer and RPGer. I write/RP in the following fandoms:

The Hunger Games

I PB a number of characters on InsaneJournal, and if you'd like to know the list of characters I play, please contact me!

I also write in several PSLs (Private Story Lines)

That's that for now. Thanks for reading!

My journal layout comes from layouttesst, who is the star in my nighttime sky.
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